International Conference January 30th 2009, Notodden, Norway

Professional Lighting Designers' Association (PLDA) and Notodden municipality, invited to an international lighting conference in Notodden, Norway on the occasion of the PLDA's  practical lighting workshop on the 30th of january 2009

The theme of the conference was LIGHTING DESIGN IN THE WINTER TOWNSCAPE.

Winter Lights in Telemark was an event with a local, regional and international perspective addressing the crossover between lighting design and creative urban planning. Lighting design can be an important tool to support urban life in a rugged winter climate. Attractive social and cultural meeting places in townscapes are essential to keep the town alive during the dark months of the year. At the same time attention must be paid to finding sustainable solutions.

Professional lighting designers who have participated in the lighting projects during the workshop week, together with key speakers from the specialist field of planning and lighting will be addressing issues of interest and importance to lighting designers, architects, town planners, landscape designers, politicians, cultural and business officers  and  related disciplines.

Moderator: Joachim Ritter, FPLDA/D


10.00 Lise Wiik, Mayor, Notodden Municipality
Paul Traynor, President, PLDA
Introduction to the conference.
10.15 Gudjon Sigurdsson, PLDA/IS
Shifting daylight as a source of reference for creative lighting design
The main source of inspiration for the architectural lighting designer is daylight. How is this Inspiration interpreted and applied in townscapes?
11.00 Al Borden, IALD, PLDA/USA
Little light for big impact
Lighting designers work with darkness and shadow as much as with light. For the design of a dark-sky park, Al Borden and his team have become involved in research and discussion about nature conservation versus public safety and security.
11.45 Lunch
13.30 Niklas Ödmann, PLDA/S
Winter meeting places
How good lighting design can transform ordinary urban locations into exciting meeting places.
14.15 Philip Rose, PLDA/UK 
The Call of the Wild
Why a lighting designer from the City of London felt drawn to heading a workshop team in Norway in January at –20°?!
15.00 Coffee break
15.30 Workshop presentations given by the workshop teams:
The Power Station, team headed by Gudjon L. Sigurdsson, PLDA, Reykjavik, Iceland
The Church, team headed by Alfred Borden, PLDA, IALD, Philadelphia, USA
The Villa, team headed by Peter List, Hamburg, Germany
The Museum Square, team headed by Cinzia Ferrara, PLDA, Milan, Italy
The Waterfront, team headed by Philip Rose, PLDA, London, UK
The Bridge and Pylons, team headed by Niklas Ödman, PLDA, Stockholm, Sweden
17.00 Gunn Marit Helgesen, Mayor, Telemark County Council
Telemark and lighting design
17.30 Short break before the tour of the sites in Notodden.
Grand opening of Winter Lights in Telemark.